Friday, September 12, 2014

Heading Further West.

After the Flat Top Wilderness, we continued west into Utah and Dinosaur National Park. We were here several years ago and the exhibits were all closed for repairs. The fossil wall is open now and you can see hundreds of fossils. We repeated our hike of the Fossil Trail and located the sauropod femur that we had found years ago. This time a big piece had been chipped out of it by some vandal. The next day on the radio, we heard that the theft had just been discovered by the park service and there was a reward offered for information about the crime. Bill did a hike along the Green River which was many miles from anywhere and we tested out our new shortwave radios which seem to actually have at least a 10 mile range. The last day we toured the native American rock art sites. We saw both pictographs and petroglyphs in several locations. No one know why the Native Americans made these over one thousand years ago, but I think that it indicates that they didn't have such a hard time surviving and found some extra time on there hands to make cool pictures on the rocks. ed.

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