Thursday, July 22, 2010

Canadian Maritimes 2010

We left hot hot North Carolina for the cooler north of the Canadian Maritimes and discoverd that they are going through a record breaking heat wave of their own. We dashed up through New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to take the ferry over to Newfoundland and found to our dismay that the ferry was booked solid for over a week. We therefore changed our plans and spent several leisurely days exploring the beaches along the Northumberland Strait. New Brunswick, although considered anglophone Canada, gradually becomes more francophone as one travels north. Today we traveled the length of the Acadian Peninsula and are resting in Caraquet, New Brunswick. We might as well be in France as that is all everyone here is speaking.
We plan to head deeper into "France" and tour the Province of Quebec beginning with the Gaspe Penninsula and eventually making our way up to James Bay in the extreme north. (Polar Bear Country). Here's a few pics that we have taken so far.