Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Home in North Carolina.

We made it back. 7,000 miles and about 40 days. We had great weather except for the first few and last few days of the trip when it rained. It was great haveing unseasonally warm weather in Yellowstone since it often is snowing by this time. We have a lot more photos and will add some more of them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Devil's Tower, Caves, Badlands and Nuclear Missiles

We drove across Wyoming to the mysterious Devil's Tower. We watched several climbing parties working up its vertical cracks. We went into South Dakota and did tours of Jewel and Wind Caves. Custer State Park was nice and Bill climbed Mt. Harney, the highest point in the state and the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains. We continued on into the Badlands National Park. The landscape is beautiful in a weird otherworldly way and we did some backcountry hikes and camped in the remote Sage Creek Campground which featured buffaloes wandering through it.
As we left the park, we stopped at the National Minuteman missle museum and signed up for a tour of one of the underground command centers which has been decommissioned.