Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Colorado and Mesa Verde.

Last night we checked into the Cortez KOA and I am trying to catch the blog up with their very slo-mo WiFi. We got up early this morning and went into Mesa Verde National Park. This is a very busy park so it is essential to get an early start. We got our tickets and toured the famous cliff dwellings, Cliff Palace , Balcony House and Spruce Tree House. Balcony House requires climbing a 32 foot ladder and ,when leaving, crawling through a twelve foot tunnel on hands and knees and a few more ladders. This is my fifth visit to the park and it has changed a lot over the years. It now has so many visitors that there can be long lines to get the tickets that are now required for the various ranger led visits to the archeological sites. In any case, it went smoothly for us and we managed to see almost all of the sights before the first big rain storm of our trip erupted in all of its power and glory over the ancient canyons of Mesa Verde in the 8,000 foot high desert.

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Big Matt said...

I'm sitting here looking at that ladder and going, "God, I hope that's steel with a faux-wood pattern in fiberglass over the top of it."

Cause, I just can't see old dried out mesquite branches holding that much weight before letting go....