Friday, April 25, 2008

Roughing it in the rain!

Here's some photos of the Roosevelt Elk that we saw in Redwoods NP. We moved on up the coast and spent a night at Honeyman SP and visited (between rain showers) a beautiful garden that once belonged to a timber baron whose mansion burned down, but the garden is still maintained.
We continued to have bad weather on the coast. Wind, rain and cold. I have included photos of us eating our rough "camp" dinners so you all can appreciate the hard times that we have had to endure. Finally sick of the wet weather we decided to strike inland and now find ourselves in Bend Oregon. Bend is a hip little town with a brew pub on every corner and everyone does outdoors sports year-round. We shopped at REI for raingear and I left my mountain bike with their mechanic for some major repair.

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