Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lost in the Redwoods

We are now in Eureka California. We spent a delightful several days at Van Damme State Park where Bill rode several mountain bike trails and Bill and Debbie hiked up to a waterfall in Russian Gulch SP. The highlight was paddling the sea kayak up the Big River where we saw harbor seals sunning themselves on a log. It was weird to see marine mammals so far up a wilderness river. We loved Mendocino which had an amazing general store that sold everything from organic produce, local wines to auto parts. They even had a whole aisle devoted to art supplies - normal for this hip community of about a thousand people.
Tomorrow we are off to Redwoods National Park.

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Kevin said...

Hi Bill,
We got to missing you at our candlelight ceremony, so I'm uploading some pics. Take a peek when you find one of those highspeed hotspots!

Candlelight Pics

I'm enjoying your blog. Looks like a great trip! Have fun!

Kevin DeBruhl