Tuesday, April 29, 2008

North Again

We left Bend and headed north towards the Columbia River. We stopped at Smith Rocks SP on the way out since this is a world class rock climbing area. I have included some photos of the rocks and a face with a number of climbers on it.
We had just been listening to NPR in Bend about a recent visit that they made to the Town of Antelope Oregon, where an Indian guru, Bhagwan, bought a ranch in the 1980's. Hundreds of his followers moved in and eventually took over the whole town. This was the cult that bought the Bhagwan dozens of Rolls Royce cars for him to drive once a day down a muddy lane while his acolytes praised him. Anyway, he was deported because of income tax fraud and his followers left town. We just HAD to make the small detour to Antelope. There's no sign of any cult now, just a very isolated ranch town that has seen better days. It is in an unbelievably beautiful setting.
A little further on, we camped at Palisades Cove SP which is a deep canyon cut into the flat plain and filled with a reservoir. We hiked to the top of a magnificent butte where I took a few of these photos.

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