Monday, August 2, 2010

Seashore and Mountains - Northern Gaspe Coast in Quebec

Wilderness survival food. I guess this will have to do until we are back in civilization...

I'm glad I did not meet a logging truck here!

Moose Attack!

We left Fourillon National Park, which is at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula and headed west along the northern coast. We saw beaches, light houses and charming little fishing villages. We then dropped into the interior to Gaspe National Park where we camped in absolute wilderness. We climbed several peaks and even had a moose cross our trail at very close range. This is a land of beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear streams and trees,trees and more trees. I have included some pics of the survival food that we had to subsist on. This is really roughing it! We finally found an unlocked wifi spot and I am racing my battery to get this photos uploaded. Next stop - Bic National Park on the Saint Laurence River and then Quebec City for a few days of civilization. After that? Who knows? Maybe the frozen north.

This is a small herd of caribou that I saw on the summit of the peak Mont Jacques-
Cartier. These are normally found much farther north, but this is about the only population south of the St. Laurence River.

This lighthouse is where Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the shortwave radio, set up his apparatus and successfully made the first trans atlantic radio transmission.

If you have looked at our blogs of past trips you will know that I ALWAYS see snakes. It is especially rare to see a snake of any kind in Canada - even a harmless garter snake.


Mary said...

The pictures are fantastic!! Just gorgeous country, everywhere! You guys must really enjoying the trip. Keep safe and try to endure your sparse diet of "survival" food, lol! Mary

Shaun Mike said...

Nice pictures Gallery. thanks for sharing interesting info..