Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chibougamau Bound!

As we headed up the famous "Route de Nord", a 400 kilometer dirt road that links up with the James Bay road, which is another 400 kilometers up to the Huson Bay, we encountered this monster. These logging trucks pull two trailers with a total of some ten axles and the logs are stacked at least 15 feet high! Their dust trail is at least a kilometer long and they do not slow down for anyone. The prudent traveler is well advised to pull over as far as possible and stop until this behemoth passes.

I am not throwing up. I am just eating the wild blueberries that we picked along side of the trail. This is blueberry country and we actually watched a commercial harvesting operation which involved driving lawn mower size machines through basically wild fields and hand packing the berries.

We followed Route 167 up to the town of Chibougamau. The rather lonely looking visitor kiosk guy told us about the commercial campground, but then marked some spots on our map where we could "bush camp" for free. We found a nice spot on Lake Chibougamau where several fishermen had been dug in for awhile. We watched some kids fishing off of the bank catch a two foot long Northern Pike and release it unharmed. I guess it was too small for them.

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