Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now this is remote!

We left the Steens Mountains and took a 40 mile dirt road to the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. We saw some really nice looking antelopes and were the only residents in the Hot Springs campground. There was a spring with a simple wall around it to keep out the animals and one that was completely natural. It was incredibly splendid to take a hot soak surrounded by pristine nature, including snow fields. The place was full of birds and even a bull snake. Bill tossed his fishing line into the tiny creek that you see in the pictures and was getting bites from six inch baby rainbow trout - he didn't keep any. We then stopped at Sheldon Wildlife Refuge in Neveda where we camped at an empty spot in the desert. The next day we drove to Winnemucca where we checked into the High Desert RV Park to do a lot of laundry, get food and diesel and get the Internet.

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