Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Down into the Great Basin

We left the hot springs for the nearest town of Winemucca Nevada where we checked into an RV campground to do laundry and resupply. We were handed the chamber of commerce brochure and were intrigued to find a full page ad for the Winemucca brothel right next to the church listings...
Anyway we dropped in on the Great Basin NP where the ranger informed us that it was the fourth least visited National Park. I had to correct him since he did not have Gates of the Arctic on his list (which gets less that 1000 visitors per year). OK so it's the fifth least visited. There was not problem finding a campsite. Like most places we have gone on this trip, the area had a late winter and most of the trails and some campgrounds were still snowed in. This park has three attractions; 1) a lot of back country for remote backpacking,2) the second highest peak in Nevada (Mt. Wheeler -13063 ft.) and 3) the Lehman Caves (actually only one cave.
This last is not to miss - a beautiful well preserved cave with gorgeous features.

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