Monday, July 15, 2013

We're In Canada!

It's been a while since we updated this blog since we have had very bad luck finding WiFi that will upload pictures. We're in a nice campground in Prince George, British Columbia that seems to have reasonable internet so I will continue ou report. After a few days in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, we finally landed in Great Falls Montana. We visited the Lewis and Clark museum which was one of the best ones that we have seen. We went straight north to the Alberta border and spent the night at a roadside rustic campground southwest of Calgary where we met a family that was stranded because they had hit a deer on the highway and destroyed their radiator. Running into wildlife is no joke especially in a remote area where there is no cell service. The next day we went north on a remote road to Banff National Park. This park was amazingly crowded with Japanese, Germans and ever other nationality. We stayed at Johnson's Creek campground and hiked up to two waterfalls. We visited the famous Lake Louise which was picturesque ,but actual not nearly as large as I had imagined. I was picturing a lake more like Jenny Lake in the Tetons. We then proceeded up the Icefield Parkway towards Jasper National Park. This is an amazing scenic drive. You are completely surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and glaciers. We stopped twice to view bears on the side of the road. The wildflowers were also very evident. We stayed at the Wapiti (elk) campground in Jasper. After setting up camp we were visited by a big group of elk cows with several fawns. It's funny,but an elk fawn is bigger than a full grown North Carolina whitetail deer. We keep a careful eye out on the highway, because hitting an elk or a moose will total your car or worse! Tonight we are in Prince George, British Columbia. Tomorrow we are heading further west on route 16 and then we are taking the very remote and rough Cassiar Highway up to join the Alaskan Highway up in the Yukon. Tonight I am fixing a chicken wire gravel guard to the front of my truck. The next two weeks or so will be in very remote territory and we may be out of contact for awhile due to the lack of WiFi.

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