Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Swinging Steak, Mexican Hat, Utah

We stopped for the night in Mexican Hat, Utah. So named for a distinctive rock formation just outside of town. There was one gas station, two motels, a small RV park and one place to buy 3.2 percent beer (this is Utah!) The only other inhabitant of the RV parks suggested that we try dining out at the Swinging Steak. This establishment was right next door - everything in Mexican Hat is along a quarter mile stretch of US 163. The place was outside in the open air and features a blazing woodfire with a sort of bed frame swinging above it which was utilized as a grill by one of the two employees that cooked and served the food. The menu was only two kinds of steaks, chicken or hamburger and was served with salad and pinto beans - no substitutions, take it or leave it. The steak was cooked to perfection swinging over the fire and as the waitress explained, the dessert menu was beer. The place also presented a western swing band that consisted of what looked like several colorful locals. They actually were quite good - better than the photo that I tried to take of them. The restaurant soon filled up with the usual Japanese, German, French and even two women from Australia that had heard about The Steak in their own country. I wonder why only foreigners go to the really cools places in America!

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